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Project: Humanity Bursary Program 

Project: Humanity began as a group of artists who developed a theatre program for youth in Ontario prisons as a means of giving back to the community. They turned their attention to global causes by traveling to Jamaica to work with Father Ho Lung and the Friends of the Poor, caring for children in orphanages and assisting with Jamaica's first musical. These experiences inspired them to start this non-profit organization that would channel the creative energy of our artistic community towards making a difference.

Through both the PH: THEATRE and PH: YOUTH arms of the company, Project: Humanity continues to discover innovative ways to nurture creativity and connectivity in the communities that need it most.


The Armstrong Acting Studios Bursary Program with Project: Humanity provides a select actor from Project: Humanity the opportunity to train at the Studio with full tuition covered. The selected actor of this Bursary is up to the discretion of the team at Project: Humanity.

We are so honoured to partner with this team of innovative individuals, and aid in giving back to our community in any way we can.

The actor receiving the Bursary for 2024 has been selected.

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The Jahmil French Legacy Scholarship

This Scholarship is offered in memory of Jahmil French.  An Alumni and friend to Armstrong Acting Studios, Jahmil was an artist of extraordinary ability who left behind a body of inspiring work that reflected his commitment to excellence in all arenas of his professional life.  When Jahmil was not working, he was training - invested in his development by pushing boundaries, exploring emotional depth and range, and challenging himself with the unfamiliar.  


The Jahmil French Legacy Scholarship is intended for any Armstrong Acting Studios actor demonstrating extraordinary ability and who is in need of financial support on their journey.  This scholarship is an annual award that will be applied to skill level appropriate classes* at Armstrong Acting Studios. The scholarship will be applied to class beginning the Winter Term of the following calendar year with potential extension throughout the Summer and Fall Terms.


  • Demonstrate extraordinary artistic talent + promise.

  • Based in Toronto.

  • Be a current or upcoming AAS student in good standing**.


  • Letter of intent (e.g. explaining your artistic goals and aspirations, how training at AAS will help you achieve your goals, why you need the scholarship and how you intend to use it, etc.) 

  • Headshot or recent photograph

  • Resume (if available)

  • OPTIONAL: Self tape of a monologue of candidate's choice (60-120 seconds)


  • DECEMBER 15TH of current calendar year

Submissions for The Jahmil French Scholarship 2024 are currently closed.

* The Custom Demo Reel Class is excluded from scholarship application.

**Good standing: not being subjected to any form of suspension or disciplinary action and having complied with any explicit obligations.

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