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launching international stars since 1997


WORK with dean armstrong


ActEd Online is a virtual training facility for both aspiring and experienced actors in film + television.




This class is simply about doing it! For aspiring actors who always wondered, but never did or for those needing a jolt out of their comfort zone. If you were ever curious about film + television performance or were once told that you should be "an actor", then this is the class for you! Experience first hand what today's actors are doing. Don't just imagine how it might have been, or how it might be, know for yourself how it is and how the camera sees you. 

REQUIREMENTS: There are no requirements for this class, anyone can join!

18hrs in studio | $497+HST


August 17 - September 2

Monday & Wednesday

4:30PM - 7:30PM



"The first time I worked with Salvatore was for my audition for Bad Blood which I booked from that tape, and there were things we tried out in that audition session that stuck with me, that I used until my last day on set. The atmosphere Salvatore creates in the room is of passion and excitement for the role and project you're going in for. Because of his approach, when I leave the room I often not only feel confident in the work, but observe I experienced joy doing it, and that for me is what this is all about."​

Anna Hopkins
 (Bad Blood, Shadowhunters)

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